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6 - VMS Help and Text Libraries

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Affectionately known as Conan the Librarian, and with all due acknowlegement to Wierd Al.Yankovic ":^)", this script makes VMS Help and Text libraries accessible in the web environment.

The librarian script will be automatically activated if the file specified has an extension of ".HLB" or ".TLB". Alternatively it may be explicitly activated by specifying /conan as a prefix to the file specification (but the ability to provide a relative specification is lost). The following examples illustrate the syntax:

<A TARGET="_blank" HREF="/sys$common/syshlp/helplib.hlb">VMS help</A>
<A TARGET="_blank" HREF="/conan/sys$common/syshlp/helplib.hlb">VMS help via /Conan</A>

The following links provide an online demonstration:

Other Librarian Functionality

To obtain an index of matching libraries explicitly activate the Conan script providing a wildcard file specification.

<A TARGET="_blank" HREF="/conan/sys$common/syshlp/*.hlb">All Help libraries in SYS$HELP</A>

The following link provides an online demonstration:

To obtain the library header information add a query string to the library file specification, as shown in the following example:

<A TARGET="_blank" HREF="/conan/sys$common/syshlp/helplib.hlb?do=header">VMS help library header</A>

The following link provides an online demonstration:

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