WASD VMS Web Services - Features and Facilities

1 - Introduction

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With the installation, update and detailed configuration of the WASD Web Services package provided in WASD Web Services - Install and Config why have an introduction in this subsequent document? After getting the basics up and running (often the first thing we want to do) it's time to stop and consider the tool and what we're trying to accomplish with it. So this section provides an overview of the package's design philosophy, history and significant features and capabilities by topic.

The document assumes a basic understanding of Web technologies and uses terms without explaining them (e.g. HTTP, HTML, URL, CGI, SSI, etc.) The reader is refered to documents specifically on these topics.


WASD Web Services originated from a 1993 decision by Wide Area Surveillance Division (WASD) management (then High Frequency Radar Division, HFRD) to make as much information as possible, both administrative and research, available online to a burgeoning personal desktop workstation and PC environment (to use the current term ... an intranet) using the then emerging Web technologies.

It then became the objective of this author to make all of our systems' VMS-related resources available via HTTP and HTML, regardless of the underlying data or storage format. An examination of the WASD package will show that this objective is substantially achieved.

Reasons For Yet Another Web Package

Reasons for developing (remember; back in 1994!) a local HTTP server were few but compelling:

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