# Configuration: klaatu.private:80 # HTTPd-WASD/11.1.0 OpenVMS/AXP SSL # Last Modified: Tuesday, 2-MAY-2017 21:04:13 # SYSTEM.'VMS credentials'@ [Version] 9.0 [Language] 1 en [auth] en 01 Authentication required! en 02 Access denied. en 03 Authentication failed. en 04 Scheme not supported. en 05 authenticating user en 06 authentication database problem en 07 VMS authentication problem en 08 Username too long. en 09 Password too long. en 10 Authorization cancellation has probably not occured!\

Reload/refresh this page, clear the fields, resubmit,\ then cancel the new username/password dialog.\ A failure report indicates successful logout!\ Then navigate backwards. en 11 Authorization agent mapping problem. en 12 Authorization agent not found. en 13 Authorization agent response problem. en 14 Authentication cancelled. The browser and/or window may now be closed. [dir] en 01 Created|Description|Name|Owner|Protection|Revised|Size en 02 parent directory en 03 subdirectory en 04 Directory layout problem. en 05 Index of en 06 Tree of [general] en 01 Sanity check failure. en 02 INTERNAL ERROR en 03 String overflow. en 04 Heap allocation failed. en 05 calloc() failed en 06 Request calloc() failed. en 07 Server too busy. en 08 Server access denied. en 09 Facility is disabled. en 10 Wildcard not permitted. en 11 File en 12 Document en 13 Directory en 14 This is NOT an SSL service. en 15 Please try again later. [http] en 01 The server is reporting an UNKNOWN status code! en 02 Continue en 03 Switching protocols en 04 The request has been successful. en 05 The resource has been created. en 06 The request has been accepted for processing. en 07 Non-authoritative information. en 08 The requested resource had no content. en 09 Reset content. en 10 Partial content. en 11 Multiple choices. en 12 The requested resource has been moved permanently (URL at location). en 13 The requested resource has been moved temporarily (URL at location). en 14 See other (URL at location). en 15 The requested resource has not been modified. en 16 Use proxy (URL at location). en 17 The requested resource has been moved temporarily (URL at location). en 18 The server could not understand the request. en 19 The requested resource requires authorization. en 20 Payment required. en 21 The requested action is not permitted. en 22 The requested resource could not be found. en 23 The requested method not allowed. en 24 Request resource not acceptable. en 25 Proxy authentication required. en 26 Request (client) timeout. en 27 A resource conflict has prevented processing the request. en 28 The resource is no longer available and current location unknown. en 29 Content length required. en 30 Request precondition failed. en 31 Request entity (body) too large. en 32 Request resource URI too long. en 33 Unsupported media type. en 34 Cannot respond with requested range. en 35 Request expectation failed. en 36 The server has encountered an unexpected condition. en 37 The requested action is not implemented by this server. en 38 External agent did not respond (or not acceptably). en 39 This service is not (or no longer) available. en 40 External agent did not respond in a reasonable time. en 41 HTTP version not supported. [htadmin] en 01 Authentication database problem. en 02 Current password not verified. en 03 Password details incomplete. en 04 New password not verified. en 05 Current and new passwords identical. en 06 Password processing error. en 07 User not found. en 08 Password database problem. en 09 Change Authentication|(password is expired)|\ Current|New|Verify|Change|Reset en 10 Authentication for !%% changed.\ [mapping] en 01 Access denied, no mapping rules loaded! en 02 Access denied, internal processing problem. en 03 Access denied, by rule. en 04 Access denied, by default. [proxy] en 01 Proxy services are not configured. en 02 Proxy services are currently disabled. en 03 This is not a proxy service! en 04 This is not a proxy CONNECT service! en 05 Only "http:" and "ftp:" proxy supported. en 06 Unknown host. en 07 Chained proxy server refused connection. en 08 Host refused connection. en 09 Chained proxy server not reachable. en 10 Host not reachable. en 11 Chained proxy server failure. en 12 Server response could not be understood. en 13 Server host was disconnected. en 14 Server response header error. en 15 Request cannot be processed by proxy gateway. en 16 Remote FTP Server en 17 Supply username/password for remote FTP server. en 18 FTP Index of en 19 FTP server replied: en 20 No file name supplied. en 21 FIREWALL host[:port]> [put] en 01 Multipart MIME-encoded processing problem. en 02 Multipart/formdata only. en 03 Multipart/mixed MIME-encoded not supported. en 04 Multipart file name not specified. en 05 Multipart field problem. en 06 Multipart upload file name not specified. en 07 Directory name not specified. en 08 Directory already exists. en 09 Delete file name not specified. en 10 created en 11 superceded en 12 deleted [request] en 01 Request format not understood. en 02 Request method not supported. en 03 Request body read problem. en 04 Attempted !AZ of !UL kbytes exceeds allowed maximum of !UL kbytes. en 05 Redirection loop detected. en 06 URL-encoding problem. en 07 URL-form-encoding problem. [script] en 01 Script not found. en 02 Scripting process hard-limit reached. en 03 Request pragma problem. en 04 Request cookie problem. en 05 creating mailboxes en 06 creating scripting process en 07 initializing DCL enviroment en 08 writing CGIplus variables en 09 Script did not provide an acceptable response. [ssi] en 01 SSI Error! en 02 line en 03 access count disabled en 04 directive not terminated or too large en 05 directive unknown en 06 directive tag unknown en 07 directive tag invalid en 08 DCL execution disabled en 09 DCL command not supported en 10 document with DCL must be owned by SYSTEM en 11 document with DCL cannot be world writable en 12 included file must be "text/..." content-type en 13 cannot include file (access problem) en 14 problem with date/time format string en 15 possible SSI document recursion (including itself) en 16 variable problem en 17 [VARIABLE-DOES-NOT-EXIST!] en 18 flow-control problem [status] en 01 SUCCESS en 02 ERROR en 03 Document not found en 04 File not found en 05 Document protection violation en 06 File protection violation en 07 (no information) en 08
(document, bookmark, or reference requires revision) en 09
(protection requires revision) en 10
(no authorization to access the object) en 11
(invalid file specification, requires correction) en 12
(try again shortly) en 13
(correct situation, try again) en 14 \ \ !AZ!AZ !UL !AZ\ \ !AZ\ \ !AZ !UL  -  !AZ\ \ !%%!%%!%%\ \ en 15

\ !AZ en 16
!AZ/!AZ Server at !AZ Port !UL
en 17

Additional information: \ 1xx, \ 2xx, \ 3xx, \ 4xx, \ 5xx, \ help [upd] en 01 Select/enter file name. en 02 Select/enter directory name. en 03 Query problem. en 04 Enter filter specification. en 05 Select source file name. en 06 Enter target file name. en 07 Select current file name. en 08 Enter new file name. en 09 File names identical! en 10 Select action button (do not press [ENTER]) en 11 Not a text file. en 12 Parent directory not supplied. en 13 Update|help|Subdirectories|Files\ |select from list|none available|enter name\ |Reset|Goto|List|Tree|Create|Protect|Delete\ |Upload|as|local file\ |select from list|none available|enter name/path\ |Reset|View|Edit|Create|Filter|Rename|Copy|Protect|Delete en 14 Update|Create|Confirm en 15 Update|Delete|Confirm en 16 Update|Rename|to|Confirm en 17 Update|Copy|to|Confirm en 18 Update|Change protection|to|Confirm en 19 New Document|Document|Help|Revised\ |Update|Save As|Update|Create|Preview|Undo Editing\ |Change Edit Window en 20 WORLD accessable|OWNER and GROUP|OWNER only en 21 protection changed en 22 renamed to # End!