openbsd 2.6 generic kernel and ibm thinkpad 600

have fine working openbsd 2.6 on laptop, with generic kernel :-)
ibm thinkpad 600, 128 mb ram, 2mb videram, 1024*768 resolution works just fine everything (nic,x) worked with normal setup,no need to touch conf-files.

my XF86Config file

openbsd 2.8 generic kernel and ibm thinkpad t21

ibm thinkpad t21 (800mhz), 256mb, s3 savage
internal nic, sound , x works
my XF86Config for t21

openbsd 2.9 generic kernel and ibm thinkpad t21

same thinkpad as above
you might need to do : sysctl -w machdep.allowaperture = 2
and set chmod +s on your server if wanting to run it non-root user
config for 2.9

openbsd 3.1 generic kernel, and t21 and t20 just work

xf86cfg can recognize display adapter quite well.